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Richards Cardinal Tützer Zabala Zaefferer

Resolution 98/2024 issued by the Secretary of Commerce and Industry was published today in the Official Gazette and enters into force, approving the “Regulations for the Execution of the Leniency Program” (hereinafter “the Regulations”) provided for in Chapter VIII of the Law on the Defense of Competition No 27,442 (hereinafter, “the Law”). MORE.

SENASA Resolution No 431/2024 approved the new procedure for registering products in the National Registry of Fertilizers, Amendments, Conditioners, Substrates, Protectors, and Raw Materials, aimed at those engaged in their preparation, import, export, possession, fractionation, distribution, and sale. MORE.

On 11/4/2024, General Resolution 13/2024 issued by the General Inspectorate of Justice was published, which mandates that organizations must now ensure that their administrative body and supervisory body, as the case may be, have a composition that includes the same number of women and men, or a minimum of one-third of women when the amount to be covered is an odd number. MORE.