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Richards Cardinal Tützer Zabala Zaefferer

On 02/23/2023, General Resolution No 5/2024 of the General Inspectorate of Justice (the "IGJ") was issued, which resolves to modify Resolution No 2/2020 IGJ and its amendment, eliminating the obligation to establish a guarantee in favor of the legal representative of a company incorporated abroad under the terms of article 123 of the General Companies Law ("LGS"). MORE.

The Investigative Authority (AI) of the Mexican Federal Economic Competition Commission (Cofece), at the beginning of the month, preliminarily determined that there are no conditions of effective competition in the retail electronic commerce market in Mexico, which affects both sellers and consumers buyers who carry out transactions through the main marketplaces that operate in that country: Amazon and Mercado Libre.  MORE.

On 02/14/2024, the General Resolution of the General Inspectorate of Justice (the "IGJ") No-4/2024 was published in the Official Gazette, amending IGJ Resolution No-25/2020 and repealing IGJ Resolution No-27/2020. MORE.

On January 26, 2023, Resolution No-50/2024, which approves the Unified Regulation of the "Program for the Promotion of Consumption and Production of Goods and Services," called "SIMPLE QUOTA," which will replace the "AHORA 12" program. MORE.

On 01/29/2024, General Resolution No-1/2024 of the General Inspection of Justice (the "IGJ") was published in the Official Gazette, repealing General Resolution No-1/2022, which provided that the bylaws of the companies to be registered in the IGJ must establish a maximum term of 30 years as from their registration in such registry. MORE.