Richards Cardinal Tützer Zabala Zaefferer

As of 7/27/22, producers or operators of grains for marketing who sell soybeans to a buyer who will export them directly or as a result of a production process carried out in Argentina, and who do not export those goods on their own account, may use the pesos charged for those sales until 8/31/22 as follows. MORE

We want to thank the probono team of Richards, Cardinal, Tützer, Zabala & Zaefferer SC, Accenture Argentina for the joint work and the legal advice provided. MORE

BCRA Communication “A” 7552 established that in order to access the foreign exchange market to make payments abroad, it must be declared that there are no CEDEARs and/or available liquid foreign assets that together exceed USD 100,000; otherwise, prior authorization from the BCRA will be required. MORE

Communication "A" 7551 of the BCRA provides that entities authorized to operate in exchange may receive foreign currency bills from non-resident tourists to carry out, on their own behalf and order, "MEP Dollar" operations, declaring that in the last 30 days they did not carry out operations in excess of USD 5,000 in all the entities. MORE

We share the Resolution of the Anti-Corruption Office (OA) where the complaint made by the Deputy of the Nation María Dolores Martínez for alleged irregularities in the procedure of mandatory tests required under Administrative Decision 268/2021 is treated. MORE

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