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As concerns about worker data privacy have grown across Latin America, so has the definition of “worker”; past, current, and potential employees and contractors may now be covered by a country’s labor, employment, and data-security regulations. Ally Law’s Latinx member firms are pleased to provide this jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction guide to the region’s employee privacy laws. MORE.

On July 15, 2021, the Law of Societies and Trusts of Collective Benefit and Interest (hereinafter the Law) was approved, the main purpose of which is to regulate the incorporation and operation of societies and trusts of collective benefit and interest (hereinafter, as the case may be, BIC society or BIC trust). MORE.

The new wording given to Article 340 of the LSC by Article 722 of Law 19,924 adopts modern solutions regarding the place and manner of holding the meetings, taking into account the use of available technological advances. MORE.