Cuberos Cortés Gutiérrez

Shareholders' agreements are agreements outside the company statutes, which regulate the exercise of economic and political rights and interests of those who sign them. MORE.

As concerns about worker data privacy have grown across Latin America, so has the definition of “worker”; past, current, and potential employees and contractors may now be covered by a country’s labor, employment, and data-security regulations. Ally Law’s Latinx member firms are pleased to provide this jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction guide to the region’s employee privacy laws. MORE.

It is time for a great agreement by all labor actors to modernize archaic legislation that we frequently make up for, leaving aside more pressing and necessary discussions. MORE.

Congratulations to Miguel Molano Gutierrez and Oscar Rosales Nieto, members of the Litigation and Arbitration Department of CCG Abogados, who were selected to integrate the list of Court Clerks of the Arbitration and Conciliation Center of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota, for the period 2021-2024. MORE.

One must seriously reflect on the imperative need to consolidate the reactivation, before succumbing to the siren songs of those who think that the solution is for workers to receive more "salary" to spend more, without knowing very well where this is going to come from. silver. Prudence, blessed prudence! MORE.

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