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Our partner Renato Franco de Moraes collaborated with an article in Valor Econômico that alerts public and private, medium and large companies, about the importance of registering in the Judicial Electronic Domicile (DEJ) system as of the 30th. MORE

In yet another Tax Talks, tax lawyers Gabriel Bonilho and Luca Salvoni talk about relevant points of the STJ's judgment that decided that it is possible to deduct from the tax base of corporate income tax of variable amounts paid to directors. MORE

Tax lawyers Luca Salvoni and Gabriel Baccarini collaborated with Valor Econômico on an article about the decision of the 1st Panel of the STJ that authorized the deduction of amounts paid to administrators and counselors and may lead to a new rush of taxpayers to the judiciary. MORE

Read in our August Litigation and Arbitration Newsletter:

• Constitutional Amendment 125/22 and Special Appeal
• Damage from the Samarco dam rupture will be tried in England
• STJ defines that health plan should reimburse consumer for surgery done in a hospital not contemplated by the accredited network
• Discovery procedure in international arbitrations is upforead by the US Supreme Court. MORE

The main text of this Provisional Measure regulates remote work, telework and changes food aid rules, and our team prepared a material with the main changes brought, which contribute to the definition of criteria and rules not yet outlined. MORE

In an article published in Revista Consultor Jurídico (ConJur), our partners Fábio Souza Aranha Cascione and Gabriel Capella talk about the expectations around the legal framework of securitizations, which seeks to consolidate in a single legal diploma the entire rule of securitization operations, currently positive in a sparse way in specific laws. MORE

In an article published in Revista Consultor Jurídico (ConJur), Tatiana Kauffmann and Clara Caiado address the discussion involving the election of foreign jurisdiction in contracts concluded between national and international parties, which has become increasingly recurrent due to globalization and the current political and economic context, which is permeated by instability in several countries. MORE

Read in our Labor Law Newsletter:

• Justice frees The Anonymous Football Company (SAF) from Cruzeiro to answer for actions
• STF modulates decision on outsourcing
• Suspended labor execution against transport company in judicial recovery
• STF decides that receiving fees by attorneys of SP should observe salary ceiling
• Travel hours are computed in the journey in the period after the labor reform of 2017. MORE

Our environmental law partner Rafael Fernando Feldmann participated in the 10th episode of webseries on Carbon Credits and ESG, produced by ECOA PUC-Rio, with the theme "Environment: Environmental Licensing, Disasters and Mining" where it was discussed when an enterprise should be licensed or not and by whom. MORE