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Our environmental law partner Rafael Fernando Feldmann published an article in Revista Consultor Jurídico (ConJur) on the Brazilian reality in relation to the basic sanitation service, which led to the promulgation of the Legal Framework of Sanitation. MORE

Our partner Renato Franco de Moraes collaborated with an article by Valor Econômico on a discussion between payment intermediaries and merchants regarding operations eased by credit card companies. MORE

The system of publications of corporate acts and documents of Companies by Shares, initially created to ensure the disclosure, to all interested parties, of relevant issues involving companies, such as minority shareholders, creditors and stakeholders, had been much criticized for the bureaucratization and the costs it imposed for the maintenance of such companies. MORE

São Paulo hosted the annual M&A conference promoted by the International Bar Association; as members of the host committee, it was a pleasure to welcome colleagues and partners from all over Latin America to such an important event! MORE

SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) is understood as a publicly traded company without its own operation, without defined economic activity, and with the sole objective of acquiring participation in other companies, these operational, which it deems profitable or promising. MORE

Reinforcing our commitment to sustainability, with the help of Biofílica Ambipar Environment, a Brazilian company focused on the conservation of native forests from the commercialization of environmental services, we neutralize our carbon footprint in our community, contributing to the minimization of global warming and negative impacts on the environment. MORE

Read in our Litigation and Arbitration Newsletter:

• São Paulo Court of Justice decides that irregularly closed companies will have their debts redirected to their partners
• STJ delivers new decision on the initial term of the prescription in insurance contracts
• STJ will judge the possibility of adoption of atypical executive means
• STJ decides that family property offered in commercial rental security is unpledgeable
• TJSP annuls arbitration award due to breach of duty of disclosure. MORE

Meet our new partner in the Area of Restructuring and Insolvency, João Guilherme Dal Fabbro: We are very pleased with your coming to the office, strengthening an area of great importance and that allows us to increasingly serve our clients in all their demands. MORE

Read in our most recent Competition Case Law, Trade & Trends report:

• Senate approves nominees to key positions at CADE
• Exclusivity clauses under CADE’s scrutiny in both merger and unilateral conduct cases
• CADE sentences global maritime-transport cartel
• CADE conditionally clears the acquisition of Oi mobile business by rivals
• Brazil to adopt unilateral retaliation in paralyzed disputes at the WTO
• US – Brazil Protocol Relating to Trade Rules and Transparency enters into force
• Free Trade Agreement between Brazil and Chile enters into force. MORE